Top-Tier Cloud Hosting, Zero Hassles

You shouldn't have to mess with web hosting issues. That's why NOX CMS includes top-tier, secure cloud hosting with every website subscription. 

Nothing to Install, Upgrade, Extend, 
Troubleshoot, or Optimize

With NOX CMS, the functionality you need is built in. Plus, when we add new functionality, we roll it out to all websites, and you don't have to do a thing. Furthermore, if something stops working, we fix it.

Bring on the Traffic, Our System Can Handle It

Concerned you might have a spike in traffic that cripples our web hosting and brings your site to its knees? Don't be. We have a vast number of websites running on our hosting at any given time. A spike in traffic for your website, no matter how large, is still small when compared to the amount of traffic we handle every day.

Our broadly-diversified, cloud hosting resources ensure your site receives the full benefit of whatever event drives up its traffic. Let’s leave the crippling under pressure to the other guys.

Your Sites Are Monitored All Day Every Day

Our server architecture includes automated web hosting monitors that check routers, switches, server load, memory usage, CPU activity, disk integrity, bandwidth, and scores of other system vitals every five seconds. We also utilize external applications to continually ping NOX CMS sites to ensure they remain online.

Our in-house support team is on call 24 hours a day and responds the moment any one of these website hosting layers sounds an alarm. Rest assured that any issue is addressed immediately. After all, we run our entire business, including all of our company websites and all of our customer websites, on our own cloud hosting. We have a major interest in the stability of our hosting which is why we take such dramatic steps to protect it.

Fully Redundant, Secure, and Scalable

Our web hosting servers are located in Oracle Data centers. NOX CMS is a white label CMS System provided by Oracle, who maintains a reputation for cloud hosting uptime, security and stability. Our Datacenter features include:

  • Backup power systems, including UPS and generators sized to provide power for the entire facility
  • Redundant internet connections that meet or exceed worldwide commercial telecommunication standards
  • Fire suppression that utilizes the latest fire detection and suppression methods
  • Redundant HVAC cooling equipment, ensuring optimal temperature at all times

Our web hosting infrastructure connects to the Internet via a set of redundant fiber-optic connections with a full Gbps of bandwidth available at all times. This situation ensures that our cloud hosting is fully scalable to handle any bandwidth needs.

  • Seismic engineering to cushion facility against movement
  • Earthquake bracing and anchoring to ensure equipment stability if the earth does move
  • Physical security managed and enforced by strict policy, multifactor authentication and surveillance systems